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Adopting the Range has both internal and external benefits for your Peugeot dealer business.
Internal benefits to your Peugeot dealer business
One of the most significant advantages of the Peugeot Approved Clothing Range is that it helps to build a distinct corporate culture among employees throughout your dealer business. The variety of products available also makes it easy for employees to find a garment to suit their preferences, job purpose and work environment. Beyond simply making it easier for employees to choose an outfit in the morning, the Range fosters identification with Peugeot’s corporate values and mission.
Improved Staff Satisfaction & Morale
The Peugeot Approved Clothing Range establishes an automatic dress code that is both professional and comfortable. Because employees see corporate apparel as a more casual wardrobe option, they generally report higher satisfaction and morale after a switch to corporate apparel.
Better Communication & Cooperation
As staff across the business wear the same or similar items, distinctions between departments and/or between management and subordinates are blurred. In doing so, this helps to remove barriers promoting better communication and cooperation among staff and teams.
Deliver Better Customer Service
Employees who wear corporate apparel generally identify more strongly with their company’s values, mission, and goals. With this in mind, this helps engender a feeling of greater accountability within your staff as to upholding those principles, and are more likely to strive to represent the Peugeot brand well. This dedication often results in better customer service.
Improved Productivity
Many studies identify a distinct correlation between working conditions and productivity. Whether your salespeople are speaking with customers or your mechanics are repairing vehicles – their ability to work effectively can be significantly impaired through exposure to adverse climatic conditions such as hot or cold temperatures, or sustained rainfall. Your staff may compensate for such situations by adding or removing garments - but if these garments restrict movement they too can impair productivity. The Peugeot Approved Clothing Range has been tried and tested through widespread and sustained use in the motor trade, so you can be assured that each product will perform to your expectations.
Dealer Rebates & Target Attainment
All purchases are invoiced by Peugeot UK. Whether you’re purchasing just a few items or 100 items from the Peugeot Approved Clothing Range – every purchase counts towards your Parts & Accessory Target, qualifying for rebate. Of course, these rebates can be significant!
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